My Funny Farm

At one time my family all said I had a petting zoo or a funny farm, they couldn’t decide which it was. And yes I have to agree with them I did. During the time I was getting my Associate’s Degree in college, I stayed at home and ran the farm. Mainly I had goats, lots and lots of goats, but I would occasionally get a sheep or two at a sale. But I also at any given point would have some pretty random animals at the house just because I could.

lil bill Just a tad too short!

One day I decided to take inventory on all the animals and see exactly what all I had. Boy was that a chore. When all the counting was done I came up with around 20 baby ducks, 2 pet yard roosters, 4 donkeys, 1 horse, 45 goats, 2 sheep, 5 dogs, and 1 cat. And this was just at my house. I still had 3 horses and 2 steers at my dads. Man that’s a lot of animals. It was interesting to be amongst all of them because each and every animal had their own distinct personality and always came to their name, and there was definitely a pecking order. Looking back I wonder how I managed to take care of everything, go to school and manage all the sales I went to.

Pretty Boy This is one of the pretty boys I picked up one night at a sale. For two years I spent at least two nights a week in a sale barn buying or selling goats.

hooch The awesome fort I built in the woods for the animals.

For now, done are the days where baby goats are banging on the back door ready for their bottles, roosters guarding my front porch, and even the dog herding the guard roosters around the yard. Now are the days watching the three horses I have left buck, run and prance across the field and watch the sun go down on my absolute favorite place in the world, my dad’s farm. dakota

davis-farm.jpg The good Lord above’s handy work.


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