I Am So Not Made for Television….

So this whole blog was started as a class project for my PR and Marketing class. One of the assignments was to make a video and add it to our blog. I have terrible stage fright and tend to say some pretty crazy things and look like a goober. Miss Alleigh and I chose to do our video in a news cast type setting and pretend we were news anchors. We discussed things such as the weather, cattle, the cattle prices, and the crazy Chipolte commercial that we have been talking about and analyzing in class.

First off the thing that I can’t believe I did was say, “Yes them cattle are pretty important!”. I mean come on, wow how silly could I sound. I chalk it up to the stage fright. But yes the cattle are very important, especially in Southern Missouri where I live. Cattle are the main form of livelihood for farmers along with hay. If you’ve never been to Southern Missouri, it’s hilly and rocky. Not the most suitable terrain for crops.

Ok the crazy Chipolte commercial that is on YouTube. It’s a very compelling commercial but very poorly portrays agriculture. I mean come on people get your facts straight. I know I look silly in my video and say goofy stuff but it’s true. The udders on the cow are underneath and between the back legs, not on the side. And the chickens in real life are not pumped full of stuff in commercial farms. I still have no idea what Chipolte was trying to sell in that commercial other than a game they have come out with for kids. But if you have no connection to agriculture, this would surely pull at your heartstrings.

I know this is just a brief overview of my crazy video where I look incredibly silly, but going back and looking at what all we talked about, the topics are very important. People need to be properly informed instead of just going with the mainstream.
Is there anything that you know of that people aren’t properly informed on?


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