Ozarks Farm and Neighbor

This past week Miss Lynzee Glass from Ozarks Farm and Neighbor, came to speak to our PR and Marketing class about how they have utilized the social media scene. Ozark Farm and Neighbor is a rural newspaper that focuses on educated farmers about what’s going on in other areas along with different or newer practices in farming that are in use. Miss Lynzee said that the average reader for the newspaper is a male between the ages of 35-64 and there are approximately 58,000 subscribers.

They joined Facebook in April 2009 and had only 4 posts that year. By 2010 they were trying to make more consistent posts and by 2011 they were trying to post daily. They started using Facebook to try reaching a younger audience, it’s free publicity, it keeps their name in front of their audience, and it helps build brand advocates. Facebook is also a way to get instant feedback and to make information available to folks in between publications of the newspaper. Currently they have 1,400 followers on Facebook and over the summer they joined Twitter and have 32 followers.

Miss Lynzee also told us that they utilize the program HootSuiteto help manage their Twitter and Facebook accounts. HootSuite is a program that you can use to manage multiple accounts and set the time and what you want to post in the program and it does it all for you. I’ve gone thru the program to see how it works and it really is pretty awesome, especially for those that are busy and don’t have the time to always be on Facebook or Twitter. You can also set up your HootSuite to post multiple times in a day and the exact time you want things posted. Some of the thing Lynzee said they posted on their Facebook and Twitter are photos, partial Ozarks Farm and Neighbor articles, breaking news, and community events. They post these on their accounts because by the time it reaches their readers in 3 weeks

It’s really interesting how many companies are turning to social media, especially some of the businesses that the older generations are more interested in. Social media is a very large and important role in today’s business world. Everyone is some sort of social media, wether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or any of the other source. If you aren’t on social media as a business, you need to be to get your name out there, heck it’s free publicity and advertising.




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