Fall In the Ozarks

DSCF1094  Everybody probably says that fall in their neck of the woods is by far the prettiest fall there is, the trees are just the most wonderful colors. Well let me tell you, Fall in the Ozarks is by far the most spectacular. The variation of the colors and the rolling hills make it just breath taking. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the very many pictures God’s purest beauty, but the ones I did capture are amazing.

Nature photography has always been a passion of mine. This past weekend I decided if I’m going to get any good pictures of the fall foliage, I better do it now. Hopefully you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. They may not be much but I’m proud of them.


Love, love, love this picture! I haven’t figured out yet what it is about this picture ,but I love it!


I found this cute little bench while driving through Glade Top Trail. I love just driving through the national forest at all times of the year, but fall is by far the prettiest.


Found this little gem walking through the woods the other evening. Their color was so vibrant up against the brown of the dead leaves and rocks.


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