The Jerky Treat Mystery!

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I heard on the news the other day that pets, mainly dogs were dying from jerky treats that were made in China. I did some digging and found a link on Facebook, Today’s Veterinary News, and found more information about it. At this time nearly 600 pets have died and more than 3,600 have been sickened due to these jerky treats. This was quoted by the federal animal health officials. Mostly the cases have been in dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and 10 cats have been reported as being sick as well. The FDA officials are now seeking extra help from veterinarians and pet owners in solving this ongoing puzzle.

Two of the largest sellers of pet jerky treats announced recalls tied to the presence of unapproved antibiotic residue detected in the products. FDA officials don’t think that the antibiotic residue is the problem that has stumped the agency since 2007, when the pet owners started reporting their animals were suffering gastrointestinal and kidney problems after eating the popular jerky treats. FDA officials remain as uncertain as ever about the source of the problem that has led to reports of illnesses and warning about the possibility of Fanconi syndrome and other kidney problems in animals that ate jerky treats.

I know it takes time to figure out the exact source of a problem, but I wonder why it has taken since 2007 and they still have no idea where the problem is in the jerky treats. And also why haven’t they done a full recall on all jerky treats that are causing the problem? There have been several animals that just suddenly died from eating the jerky products. There are several brands of jerky treats that have been linked to illness in the pets or even worse, death. Since there hasn’t been a formal recall it’s not possible to list affected brands. I still think they should produce a list or something to the public stating which brands have been known to be affected so pet owners know to be cautious.

What are you thoughts on this? Do you think the FDA needs to do a full recall or just leave it be until they figure out what the cause is?