Looking in the Rearview Mirror of My Blogging.

I started blogging for my Public Relations and Marketing in Agriculture class this year and it has been an experience for me. I’ve always had trouble expressing myself through words on paper or in this case on the internet. I’ve always had that fear of others not liking what I say or a fear of sounding like an idiot. I’ve conquered my fear and just done it, yes mainly because I’ve had to, but also because I know I needed to expand my knowledge of marketing on the internet. It’s definitely been an adventure to say the least. I’ve learned I really need to do my research on topics that I thought I knew about, when there was really much more to be known. Sharing my story really doesn’t have to be as hard as I made it out to be. I just do as stated, share my story. What’s important to me, is what I need to share with others. Maybe even things that I’ve learned more about recently or just heard about, share with others, because they may not know about it either. This class has also taught me how to successfully market a company with the new age of technology. The old rules of marketing aren’t totally obsolete but there are many new rules that can really launch a business.

I just did my marketing plan over a small fencing company that I work for, I’ve had to take the new rules that I’ve learned and also incorporate the old rules. This was one of the coolest projects that I’ve done in quite some time. I normally am not a fan of writing papers, but this paper has been fun. I love marketing and working for small mom and pop businesses, and the knowledge I’ve gained from this class and what I’ll gain from the rest of the time I’m in school, I can’t wait to share with others. Granted I know I’m not the greatest blogger in the world, but it definitely is something that I think everyone should try at least try a time or two.

I doubt this will be the last post I blog, but it may be for awhile, and if so, Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!


A & B Fencing

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine came to me asking about possibly helping him get a fencing company up and running since I have experience in that field of work. Of course I jumped at the opportunity because I thoroughly enjoy doing that type of work. This may sound odd but I’ve missed the advertising, talking with potential clients, and doing bids.

When my friend came to me about the job, I was tickled pink. Little did I know, he hadn’t come up with a name or anything. He told me what he was wanting to do and what he didn’t want to do and that was it. I was told to work my magic and if you have any questions just call. So the first thing I did was pray about it to make sure I was making the right decision and then just jumped in. The next thing I had to do was a name for his fence company. I came up with a few, but finally settled on “A & B Fencing“. And no the “A” does not stand for me. I started advertising on some small websites such as  Craigslist because I know from previous experience that’s where all the farmers look, well at least when it comes to the internet. My next goals for my advertising and marketing plan is to hit up Facebook and make some old fashioned flyers to hang up at sale barns and farm stores.

I hadn’t talked to Brian, the owner of A & B Fencing, for several days and had been wondering if anybody had called to schedule a bid. When I talked to him today, to my surprise, he’s had several calls and has lined up several appointments to do bids. I was so excited to hear this!! I mean stoked, I figured it would take at least a week before anybody would call, but no just a few days and the calls are rolling in! A lot of the tricks I had learned in advertising, I’ve had to learn by research on my own or trial and error. Thankfully now that I’m back in school, and an Agribusiness major, I’m taking some Public and Relations and Marketing classes. These skills are invaluable.

As A & B Fencing grows I’ll keep you guys updated on our progress and post pictures of our work. I can’t express how excited I am for this new chapter in my life. God is truly amazing when you put all your faith in him!!